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Some General Interest Articles from the Seoul Sisters Archive
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The 2002 Maruhan Cup
The Korean Dream Team takes on the Japanese All Stars in a battle to see which country's golfers are better.
Se Ri Pak - The Videogame
Yes, there is a video game featuring Se Ri in Korea - read all about it here!
Se Ri's Spring Break
Se Ri returned to Korea in May, 2003, and had all sorts of interesting adventures. Read all about them!
The Seoulheim Cup
Incontrovertible evidence that the Seoul Sisters should play in the Solheim Cup!
Christina Kim Interview
Seoul sat down and talked with the youngest player on tour in 2003. Here's the transcript!
Minny Yeo Interview
Minny Yeo talks exclusively to Seoul Sisters! Some cool pictures, too!
Editorial on Jan Stephenson's Comments
My personal submission for the Pulitzer Prize. A thorough destruction of her ludicrous comments.
Grace Park Interview
Read all about it! Seoul Sister Grace speaks with us exclusively. Hoo boy!
Season Ending Awards
My take on the best and the brightest from 2003.
Report Cards
School is in session! The principal takes a look at the Seoul Sisters and their 2003 seasons.
Se Ri's Big Adventure
Se Ri had an eventful off season. Here are some of the highlights!
Hee-Won Han's Wedding
Hee-Won became the first Seoul Sister to get married. Here is the scoop!