Volume 1, Number 20 January 14, 2004

Se Ri's Big Adventure

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Since Se Ri has been on hiatus from golf, she has had a number of interesting experiences. As with everything she does, she has been getting attention in Korea almost everywhere she goes.

Early in December, Se Ri Pak participated in a modeling show by the noted Korean designer Andre Kim. Kim has a habit of using famous sports figures and actors in his shows along with his normal models. When such people appear, the show is usually intended to benefit charity, and this instance was no different: the proceeds for the show went to Unicef, the United Nations Children's Fund. Se Ri has once before been in an Andre Kim show, a couple of years ago. Among the outfits she modeled at that time was a wedding dress, leading a few people to get confused upon seeing the photos and assume that Se Ri had gotten hitched.

Kim returned the favor to Se Ri by appearing at a rally hosted by Se Ri's fan club in Korea when she was back early in 2003 to play in (and win) the KLPGA's X-Canvas tournament.

Se Ri in a striking burgundy outfit

Se Ri and the other Soo Yun Kang

Se Ri looked better than ever in the outfits she wore at this year's show. Once again, she donned a wedding dress, and her improved fitness is visible when you compare these photos to the ones from the 2001 show. But photos don't lie; check them out yourself! (By the way, you'll notice that 'Soo Yun Kang' participated in this show as well; that's her with Se Ri in the gold dresses. But don't be fooled! This is not the golfer Soo Yun Kang, AKA Kangsy, AKA the 'Fashion Model of the Fairways', a character you will be familiar with from her LPGA exploits. This is an actress named Soo Yun Kang, who has been well known since she won a major international film festival award in the late 80's).

Hey! Check out some of the other outfits Se Ri modeled!

Then, Se Ri signed on for a guest appearance on an entertainment program called 'Happy Together' on Korean TV. Last issue we reported that Shi Hyun Ahn was going to appear on Korean MTV. Well, Se Ri now announced that she was going to appear on a popular segment of Happy Together called 'Big Tray Noraebang' (a Noraebang is a Korean version of a karaoke room). Why the odd name? Well, this segment is something like the old 'Gong Show' from America. A guest is asked to sing the precise lyrics of a pop song. Every time the guest makes a mistake, a large metal tray that is suspended over his/her head comes crashing down on him/her. Ouch! Hopefully Se Ri would not suffer this ignominious fate!

Se Ri recorded the show on December 22nd; it was to be aired on the first of January. In Se Ri's segment, she was dressed as a school girl, because she was to perform a song about school days. If she was nervous about this, she didn't seem that way. As she was introduced, she enthused about how happy she was to meet one of the stars of the show; but she said this to the other star (the implication being she couldn't tell them apart)! Ohh, a playful diss! She then mentioned how exciting it was to meet this guy, because her *mother* was such a big fan of his. You had to guess that they would be getting back at Se Ri for all that cheekiness. And, indeed, when Se Ri did her number, the big tray of fate let her have it smack on the top of the head. Oh well, perhaps she just needs to learn the lyrics to that song a little better before she appears again!

Se Ri and the cast of 'Happy Together'

Se Ri in her school girl's uniform

Ouch! Se Ri meets the metal tray on the 'Big Tray Noraebang' segment of the show
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