Volume 1, Number 20 January 14, 2004
The virtual magazine dedicated to the Korean women golfers on the LPGA!


Fairways and Greens
Se Ri Pak's Tour Diary
A translated version of a serialized diary of Se Ri's adventures on the LPGA tour!
Pinx Cup
The Korean defended the Cup against the Japanese. How did things turn out? Click to see!
Hee-Won Han gets Hitched
Read all about the wedding of the century that just took place in Korea!
Se Ri's Big Adventure
Se Ri the model? Se Ri the pop singer? Se Ri the television star? She tried on a number of hats during her hiatus from golf!
The 2003 Year in Review
A month by month look back at the highs and lows of the 2003 season. Way fun!
Parting Shot
What will be the year's final parting shot?