Frequently Asked Questions

I get asked certain questions so often that I decided to create this FAQ. Hopefully your question is answered herein!!

Q: So who are the Seoul Sisters exactly?
A: The Seoul Sisters are four super great Korean women golfers who have come to the US LPGA tour and played fantastically. They are Se Ri Pak, Grace Park, Mi Hyun Kim and Hee-Won Han. Read about their history by clicking here.

Note that, even though I call those four players The Seoul Sisters, I sometimes refer to any female Korean golfer (or part Korean, or Korean American) as a 'Seoul Sister'. This is just an example of my wacky inconsistency! Y'see, anyone I talk about on this site is a Seoul Sister, but The Official Seoul Sisters are the four I mentioned above. Confused? Sorry you asked? Ah well...

Q: Hey Michelle, I love you! Can I have your autograph?
A: Well, here's the thing. I'm not Michelle Wie! Nor do I know her. Sorry, but I can't help you get her autograph.

Q: Why is this site linked to
A: Darned if I know. Somebody in Korea bought this URL and linked it to my site. I don't mind, of course, but I am not responsible!

Q: Do you know how to contact the Seoul Sisters?
A: This site is intended to be a site for fans to find out the latest and greatest about these ladies. I don't have a way to directly get in touch with them. If you want to contact them, I suggest going to the LPGA's homepage and emailing them; they may be able to help. In addition, you Grace Park fans might want to contact her agent Tim McNulty, who works for Gaylord Sports. You can find his contact information here (scroll down to his information). If all you're looking for is an autograph, try this link and follow the instructions. Se Ri Pak is represented by IMG, and their website is here.

Q: Who are you? And why are you doing this site?
A: My name is Eric, and I'm a software development manager in Seattle, WA. I started doing this site in 2002 to circulate information about the Seoul Sisters that, for whatever reason, the American media tended to ignore. I was frustrated that it was so difficult to find info about them in America. I was also irked by how much misinformation there is about them out there. Since I can read a bit of Korean, I can find stuff about them on Korean websites that their American fans would be hard pressed to locate.

See the bottom of this page for articles about me or this site!

Q: Misinformation? What kind of misinformation?
A: There is all sorts, but one example is the chestnut about the 'Korean Junior Golf Program'. Seems writers everywhere are convinced that there exists some program in South Korea that is churning out golf stars. Guess what? There might be one now (I've never seen definitive proof it exists, though), but there certainly wasn't one when Se Ri et al were coming up in the ranks. They got where they are despite the fact it is so hard to get onto golf courses in Korea to practice; many of them played exclusively on driving ranges in their formative years!

By the way, if anyone has proof that this program actually exists, I'll be more than glad to bite my tongue!!!

Q: I've looked everywhere for the poster you have on the splash page of your site. Where can I buy it?
A: You can't! I created that graphic myself in Adobe Photoshop! Ditto all the other splash pages I've created through the years.

Q: The splash pages are cool, but once they 'expire', you can never see them again!
A: Who says I don't listen to requests? The new main page now has a link to a gallery of all splash pages from the past year.

Q: How about photos/T-Shirts/coffee mugs or other Seoul Sister stuff?
A: You can get photos by going through their agents or the LPGA. The other stuff is, as far as I know, unavailable, even in Korea. I actually dropped a suggestion to Grace Park last time I saw her that she might want to look into making that kind of stuff available, but she didn't seem very interested. I know Mi Hyun Kim has also rejected this idea in the past. Still, you never know!

Q: How can I get a subscription to your magazine? Is there a print version I can receive?
A: Right now the Seoul Sisters Magazine is an Internet only publication. But look at the bright side - it's free!

Q: Where can I donate money to you to keep this site going?
A: I've actually never received this question before, but I can always hope!! :)

Q: Can I contribute photos of or information about the Sisters to the site?
A: Absolutely! Just send me the photos and I may include them in a future issue of the Magazine.

Q: Can I download your exclusive Seoul Sisters photos from your site?
A: You can download any of the exclusive Seoul Sisters photos from this site and use them in any way you want - except for claiming you own them and charging for their use.

Q: I'm with the media. Can you help me with a few questions I have about the Korean players?
A: One of the goals of this site is to provide a source of information for the media. In 2003, I helped in the creation of eight different articles and one radio program about the Sisters (and those are just the ones I know about!). I'm always willing to contribute if you have questions.

Q: Really, why are the Korean players so good?
A: It's the same answer as to the eternal question of how one gets to Carnegie Hall: 'Practice practice practice!' Or, I could paraphrase John Lennon when asked about the Beatles' success: 'if I knew why, I'd find some Korean girl and become her manager!'

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