So you've stumbled across this site, and you're doubtless wondering:

So what the heck's a 'Seoul Sister', anyway? Seoul Sisters? Never heard of them!

Glad you asked! The Seoul Sisters are a trio of young Korean women golfers. Only one of them is actually from Seoul. They have come over here and taken the American LPGA by storm with their phenomenal talent and calm-beyond-their-years dispositions. They are nothing less than a phenomenon in Korea, where their every move is covered religiously by the press, their every exploit celebrated in a place where success in this particular sport has never before occurred on this scale.

It all started in 1998. A 20 year old phenom named Se Ri Pak, who had won the LPGA Qualifying Tournament the year before, calmly put together one of the most amazing rookie seasons in history, winning four tournaments, including two Majors, and setting the all time scoring record to boot, by becoming the first woman to shoot a 61. She came thisclose to winning player of the year, finishing second. A superstar was born!
Another Korean superstar was inspired and came over the next year. Her name was Mi Hyun Kim, and the mighty mite, standing all of five feet tall, impressed everyone with her tenacity, power and skill. The 22 year old won two tournaments and Rookie of the Year for 1999. Suddenly there were two Korean superstars on the LPGA!
Meanwhile, another young Korean was winning everything there was to win as an amateur. Grace Park turned pro in late 1999, and made her own impact on the LPGA in 2000. Three great Korean players in three years, with dozens more following their exploits and getting ready to come to America. It was a full scale Korean invasion, but it needed a name. So the press dubbed the exciting young players 'The Seoul Sisters'.
In 2001, there were 8 Koreans on the LPGA tour. By 2002, there were 12, and five of the top 21 players on tour were Koreans (Se Ri #2, Mi Hyun #4, Grace #6, Hee-Won Han #14, Gloria Park #21). In 2003, there will be *20* Koreans on the tour. How much more can they do? Which players will join the 'Big Three' in full Seoul-Sisterhood?
So, what exactly are the qualifications for Seoul Sisterhood?
The Seoul Sisters have most or all of the following qualities! Seoul Sisters:
1. They have won on the LPGA tour. In some cases, a lot.
2. They have a lot of other wins to their credit, either in Korea or in the Amateur ranks or both.
3. They are all young (in their early to mid-twenties), yet handle pressure like veterans much older than that.
4. They have their own distinctive fashion sense, be it haute couture or a more kooky approach to their appearance.
5. They have won or threatened to win Rookie of the Year on the LPGA tour.
6. They work very hard for what they have accomplished.
7. They each have their own distinct personalities, from the bubbly Se Ri to the feisty Mi Hyun to the goofy Grace.
8. They are all incredibly popular in South Korea.
9. They are only going to get better!
Not Seoul Sisters:
So go back to the main page and check out the biographies of these three great gals. And then check out the list of other candidates all vying for the coveted honor of Official Seoul Sisterhood. Take care!