Articles about Se Ri:
On Se Ri and Celebrity
Se Ri picked as one of Asia's 50 Most Powerful
Home Cooking (article about the people Se Ri stays with in Toledo for the Jamie Farr Kroger Classic)
Pak's Game, Comfort Level Rising (from Jamie Farr, 2002)
Se Ri Pak, the Stealth Superstar (article about why Se Ri does not get the attention in the States she may deserve)
Articles about the Seoul Sisters including Se Ri:
The Seoul Sisters Are Making Their Mark (article about 2003's Wegman's Rochester Open; and check it out, a sidebar article about THIS WEBSITE!)
Great Profile of the Sisters, especially Grace Park and Se Ri Pak
The Koreans Are Coming (article about Se Ri and Mi Hyun's success at the British Open 2001)
Se Ri Leads the Pak Back Home (focuses on Se Ri and Mi Hyun, their success at the British Open and beyond)
Home on the Range (Great article about Se Ri, Mi Hyun, Grace and Hee-Won in KoreAm Journal)
Clip of Se Ri, Mi Hyun and Young Jo on 'Outside the Lines'