Volume 1, Number 19 December 3, 2003

2003 Awards

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Worst club choice
Se Ri Pak, 15th hole, Saturday, Weetabix Women's British Open
Se Ri was in the midst of a great round on Saturday that moved her into the lead. She reached the most birdieable hole on the course, the par 5 15th. All she needed to do was avoid a fairway bunker and she probably would have a birdie. She could easily blow her drive over it if she used driver, but mysteriously she chose a 3 wood instead. The drive went right into the bunker, and she wound up with par. She made two more bogeys coming in and fell out of the lead. She would go on to lose the tournament by one shot.

Most unexpected achievement of the year
Shi Hyun Ahn wins the CJ 9 Bridges Classic
It's not often that a Korean player I've never heard of does well in an event, being that I am pretty familiar with the contingent of great Korean players (thanks to writing this website). Shi Hyun Ahn, a solid but unspectacular KLPGA player, literally came out of the woodwork at the CJ 9 Bridges Classic to become the first non-LPGA player to win an LPGA event in 7 years. She started by tying Se Ri Pak's course record of 65 to take the first round lead, then struggled a bit on Saturday but still hung in there, producing a 71 to stay three shots ahead of the field. Playing in the final group with Se Ri Pak, she held onto a tenuous two shot lead going into the final holes, only to make an amazing second shot on the par 5 18th that gave her a short eagle to finish in style. Since her win, she has been known in Korea as 'Cinderella'. No wonder!
Honorable Mention:
Se Ri Pak wins her first Vare Trophy when Annika Sorenstam does not play enough rounds to qualify

Shi Hyun Ahn holds the trophy that
qualified as the Most Unexpected
Achievement of the Year

Grace misses the putt to extend the playoff
at the LPGA Championship

'Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda' award
Grace Park, LPGA Championship
Up until this year's LPGA Championship, Grace Park had not done particularly well in Majors as a pro, and had never really contended for a title. That all changed in Wilmington this year. At the halfway point, Hee-Won Han was in charge, but Annika Sorenstam soon climbed into contention, and shortly after that, Han faded. It looked like Annika was going to walk away with the prize, but Grace rallied with a spectacular final round that enabled her to leap into contention. Annika did not play all that well, and by the halfway point of the final round, Grace had caught her at five under par. They were the only two players under par by that time, so Grace was guaranteed at least second; but could she take the top prize? Well, they ended up tied at the end of regulation, and Grace lost her first LPGA playoff moments later. But one cannot help wonder: she was playing so much better than Annika most of the day. If just one more shot had gone her way, the prize could have been hers...

Fashion plate of the year
Soo Yun Kang
I was going to pick best outfit of the year, but there were so many good ones this year that it was impossible to narrow it down. So instead, I chose the player who I think was most sartorially splendid in 2003. With all due respect to Grace Park and Se Ri Pak, who looked good most of the time, I'm going to go with the 'Fashion Model of the Fairways', as she is known in Korea. I'm talking about Kang (then we can dig it!). Time after time, she looked crisp, elegant, and occasionally bold. A real up and comer on the LPGA fashion scene!
Alternates (in case Miss Fashion Plate cannot for some reason perform her duties):
Grace Park (especially loved her final round outfit in the US Women's Open)
Se Ri Pak (does more cool stuff with black and white than anyone on tour).

Bright colors are Soo Yun's specialty

Wildest outfit of the year
Christina Kim's '4th of July' outfit, US Women's Open
Christina has a way to stand out in the crowd, never more evident than in this patriotic number from the 2003 US Women's Open. She may be of Korean heritage, but she wants you all to remember that she is American first!

Best 'candid moment'
Grace Park, 2003 LPGA Championship
A 'candid moment' is a moment during a tournament where we get to see the human side of the players. The Seoul Sisters always provide us with a few memorable ones, such as Grace's 'ball pyramid' at one event, or the spontaneous chorus of Jingle Bells that several Sisters participated in at last year's Maruhan Cup. This year, my favorite such moment came at the LPGA Championship. Grace Park had finished her round and was waiting for Annika to finish. And what was she doing? Talking to fans waiting by the greens, signing balls, and generally being fan friendly. It was very heartwarming to see that, even at one of the tensest moments of her career, she was still so open with her fans.

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