Volume 1, Number 17 November 5, 2003

Grace Park: The Seoul Sisters Magazine
Exclusive Interview

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Grace Park manages to have a good time
even when she's working hard
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SS: When you went to college, speaking of which, did you really know the whole time that you weren't going to stay there the whole four years?

GP: I didn't know. I really didn't know. I didn't know what I wanted.

SS: Were there goals you had that were college-specific, like, I want to win the NCAAs every time I enter it, whatever... I don't know what the big college tournaments are.

GP: I never really... I wanted to win every tournament I played, but it wasn't going to be the end of the world if I didn't.

SS: But you still managed to keep in touch with your friends on the team after you left school? Or did you feel awkward about (leaving school early)?

GP: Oh no! Everybody was very supportive! We had a great team ourselves. Unfortunately, I don't keep in touch with them.

SS: But they would be there, still in school, when you were a pro, right?

GP: Most of them had graduated. Yeah, there were a few girls that were still on the team.

SS: So you still got invited to the parties?

GP: (Laughs)

SS: Is ASU kinda a party school?

GP: Definitely is. Definitely is.

SS: Did you find that distracting when you were trying to...?

GP: No, 'cause that's part of being in college. I went out a lot, I played golf, during the day I went to classes in the morning, went out at night. It was fun. It was a fun time.

SS: When you're 18 or 19 you can stay up all night...

GP: Oh yeah, never get tired.

Grace consults with Dave, her caddie,
on the range.
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Grace and Dave consult during Friday's
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SS: I also read that you attended Ewha University. In fact, I read that you recently got your degree, so congratulations on that!

GP: Thank you!

SS: What's the story... was it a correspondence class?

GP: It was by correspondence. It wasn't the normal education. I did a lot of e-mail.

SS: What's your major?

GP: Every time I get asked this in English, I have to think about it...

SS: You can test my Korean... jongjihak?

GP: (surprised I knew the word for 'political science') Oh! 'Hawacheyoo'.

SS: What was that?

GP: 'Hawacheyoo'

SS: OK, I don't know that... (laughs) I tried.... So, was the reason you got your degree from Ewha was that it was more convenient? Did you ever think about completing (your degree) at ASU?

GP: Yeah, they (Ewha) offered to help me get my degree, offered to give me a scholarship. They were very generous.

SS: Did you transfer credits from ASU?

GP: Yeah!

SS: Oh, that worked out! You only has to spend, what, a couple years...?

GP: It actually took me two years longer. It took me six and a half years to finish (including time spent at ASU, I presume).

SS: You're only able to take one or two courses at a time, yes?

GP: Yeah.

SS: OK, now I'm actually going to ask a golf question... Sort of. How important was it for you to win the Rookie of the Year?

GP: Well, I definitely wanted to win it. Obviously, Dorothy (Delasin) played wonderful towards the end of the season, and unfortunate for me, I got injured the tournament she won, the first tournament she won (the Giant Eagle). And I was out from then on 'til the rest of the year, pretty much the rest of the regular season, I didn't get to play one event. So I just kept losing points, and she kept moving up. But, you know, it's one of those things, man. It's gone, it's past. I'm over it. I wanted to win it, it would have been nice, but I want to win Player of the Year more than Rookie of the Year.

SS: What has been your biggest disappointment this year in golf; and what is the thing you're going to remember as best (thing)?

GP: Oh, just improving dramatically. From the start of the year. I've worked so hard over the last few months.

SS: I'll be honest with you. Night and day difference! Did you just not work as hard your first two years?

GP: Yeah, I didn't really enjoy myself out here. I was lazy. I was putting long hours (in) on the course, but I wasn't really doing anything. You know, just putting, not really working on anything; just hitting balls, not really working on my swing. And I finally decided enough of this. I used to hate losing, and I used to always crave winning, and I wasn't capable of doing that anymore. So I decided that I would give it a try, and I worked hard. I still... I could have worked harder, I could always work harder. And I think I will do that. I'm not far... to reach my goals.

Grace during the 2000 US Women's Open,
during her rookie year

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